Things To Do With Your Dog In Valencia

Things To Do With Your Dog In Valencia

Valencia is an unavoidable destination for anyone who prefers to travel with their four-legged friend. The city, as well as the surrounding areas, have so much to offer both people and dogs. When my boyfriend and I were living in Valencia, my parents came to visit us, together with my dog Bella. This was an absolute highlight for myself of my time in Valencia, but for Bella it was a wonderful experience as well! In this guide, I will share with you what to do with a dog in and around Valencia.

Visit Valencia's most famous sights

Valencia is a city full of beautiful sights, and although dogs are often not welcome inside, the sights are beautiful from the outside! For example, you can explore the Ciutat de les Artes i les Ciències with your four-legged friend or walk along the Torres de Serranos. Other nice places to visit with your dog are Plaza de la Virgin, Plaza de la Reina and Plaza Ayuntamiento. Also do not forget to stroll through neighborhoods such as Russafa, El Carmen and the old town!

Go to a dog-friendly beach

Valencia offers a number of dog-friendly beaches. However, these beaches are located just outside the city. The closest beaches are Playa Canina, just below the port and Platja Canina, above the city by the village of Port Saplaya. You can choose to walk, both beaches are about 1.5 hours by foot from the city. The beaches are easily reached by car, which takes about 20 minutes. Usually, you will find several dogs on the beaches. It is the perfect opportunity to cool off and run around together with your best friend, or to make new dog friends. At both beaches, terraces are within walking distance, where you can enjoy a nice cold drink afterwards.

Go to Albufera National Park

Kiara and Bella during sunset

Just below Valencia is the Albufera natural park. This park is the perfect place to spend a day with your dog. The park is about 20 minutes away by car. It is also possible to go to the park by bus. However, only service dogs and small dogs are allowed on the bus. Albufera really has plenty to offer! There are several hiking trails, beautiful nature and the dunes and beach are right next to it! The villages El Saler and El Palmar are also situated in this nature reserve. This is where you can eat the best paella in Spain! Albufera natural park is an absolute must visit when you are in Valencia with your dog!

Go for a walk in the Turia park

At the edge of Valencia’s city center runs a 10-kilometre-long park, the Turia park. This beautiful park is perfect for a long walk with your dog. There are also fenced-off areas in the park, where your dog can run around freely, or make doggy friends! You can have a picnic, walk around, play with your dog, or just enjoy the beauty of the nature and the sun. 

Visit Port Saplaya

Just above Valencia is the village of Port Saplaya. The village is 20 minutes away by car. Walking is about 1.5 hours. This small village with colorful houses and many fishing boats is perfect for a quiet day away from the city. The village itself is absolutely beautiful. You can stroll around with your four-legged friend, have a drink on the terrace and go to the dog-friendly beach. 

Wander through the dunes

A perfect activity to do with your dog while in Valencia is strolling through the dunes! My favorite spot is next to the Albufera natural park. The dunes are quiet, and your dog can enjoy running around freely. Here, too, you can go to the beach and the sea with your four-legged friend.

Have dinner at a dog-friendly restaurant or on a terrace

Bella dog with head on table

Valencia offers a number of dog-friendly restaurants. This gives you the opportunity to go out for a nice meal, even when the weather is a little rough! My favourite dog-friendly restaurants in Valencia are Dulce de Leche for a delicious brunch or lunch, Artisti for tasty Italian food, Cult café, Bodega and Unsushi. Some Panaria restaurants are also dog friendly, which you can recognize by the ‘dog friendly’ stickers on the doors. In spring and summer, when it is warm enough to sit outside, it is no problem at all to take your dog out to eat. Dogs are welcome on terraces!

During my time with Bella in Valencia, I have had only good experiences. She was also welcome in most (clothing) shops. And, more importantly, Bella enjoyed it immensely! This was our first real time travelling with Bella, and definitely not the last!

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