Your Ultimate Travel Guide Through Malta

Your Ultimate Travel Guide Through Malta

Malta is truly an ideal destination for your summer holiday. Sun, sea, beach, culture, history, hospitality, everything you need is there. However, the island under Italy is still relatively unknown to many, and holidays to Malta are not often considered. In this ultimate travel guide through Malta, you will find all things to do and places to visit to get the most out of your trip!


A visit to the capital is an absolute must during your trip. Valletta may be Europe’s smallest capital, but there is plenty to see and do in this beautiful city! Valletta is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is characterised by its sandstone buildings, distinctive balconies and colourful doors. The towering fortress walls surrounding Valletta have lovely parks and sunny terraces.

Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto in Malta is a complex of seven caves with arches up to 30 metres high along the south coast of the island, which makes for a beautiful scenery and view. The sunlight makes the clear blue sea water reflect on the white sandy bottom. At the Blue Grotto, you can do all sorts of things. Many people come here to swim in the clear, fresh water. There are also many boat trips held at the caves, as well as snorkelling and diving.

Hike the Dingli Cliffs

The Dingli Cliffs are one of the highest points in Malta, and a real must for the hikers among us. The cliffs offer stunning views of the sea, and in good weather, you can even see the uninhabited island of Filfla from here. Even if you are not a hiker, the Dingli Cliffs are worth a visit. The shoreline is a great place to walk and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Visit the cities of Rabat and Mdina

If you go to Malta, a visit to the towns of Rabat and Mdina is a must! In the middle of the island, walled and protected on top of a hill and far away from the inhabited, modern world, you will find these gems. The sites are steeped in history and there are many beautiful buildings and sights to see.

Fort Manoel

Fort Manoel is located on Manoel Island, northwest of Valletta. This fort is well worth a visit. The fort has been used as a film location for Games of Thrones and Risen, among others. During the Second World War, the island was also used as a naval base for the British Royal Navy. The fort is partly restored and reasonably well intact and provides a beautiful view!

Grandmaster’s Palace

The Grandmaster’s Palace is a magnificent palace in Valletta, which holds much of Malta’s history. You will find many Islamic and Ottoman influences in it. The palace was built in 1571 in the then new capital city Valletta. It’s lovely to walk through the palace and entrance tickets cost about €6 per person.

Hagar Qim and Mnajdra

The megalithic temples of Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra stand on a hilltop two kilometres southwest of the village of Qrendi in Malta. The complexes date back to around 3200-2300 B.C. From the site of these prehistoric temple complexes, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the sea. The temples are beautiful to visit and have a very rich history. Entrance tickets cost €10 per person.

Popeye Village

A strong sailor who eats a lot of spinach. Almost everyone knows Popeye. For the shooting of the movie in the late 70’s, a special village was built on Malta, and this cheerfully coloured village is still there. Popeye Village is really a must visit during your trip to Malta. There are various activities such as shows and a documentary, and there’ s plenty to do for small children too. You can also swim in the sea and take a free boat trip. Tickets cost €10.50.

Dive at Azure Window

Around the island of Malta, there are several beautiful and well-known dive sites. But one of the best dives the Maltese Islands have to offer is Azure Window, which many say is even the most beautiful dive site in Europe. Azure Window was a large arch above the ocean, which collapsed in 2017. This has created a beautiful and unique underwater environment. The dive site is a rock formation eroded by wind and water, with steep walls, which provides access to the open sea. Particularly striking are the impressive arch, which starts at a depth of eight metres, and the enormous 15-metre-deep cave at the bottom. There is an abundance of marine life. Not only is it great for diving, but it is also a great place to see for snorkellers, swimmers and free divers alike.


Gozo is one of the 3 inhabited islands of Malta and should not be missed on your bucket list for your trip to Malta. The island offers more greenery and, compared to Malta itself, is also very calming. There are also many things to do and places to see on Gozo. Some of these sights include Ta’ Pinu Basilica, Blue Hole, the Citadel in Victoria and Dwejra Bay.

Although Malta is not yet a very well-known holiday destination in Europe, the island is more than worth the effort for an ultimate summer holiday. Looking for more unique destinations in Europe? Make sure to check our blog on 16 unique and budget friendly city trips in Europe.

Will you add Malta to your bucket list after reading this blog? Or have you been there before? Let us know in the comments!

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